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System: Nintendo DS
Device: Action Replay DS
Game: Etrian Odyssey 2 - Heroes of Laggard

How To Use This CodeList
Save this file:

to this directory:
C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay Code Manager\local_codelists\

Run the AR Code Manager and you'll see the new codes in the 'My Codelists' section on the lower right. Connect the AR to your PC (while it's plugged into the DS, and the DS is powered on). If you already have an entry for this game in the 'Nintendo DS' game list on the left, then delete it. Drag and drop the new code list to your DS list, then play. Be sure to only drag the game itself and not the folder that contains the game codes.

If you don't want to use my code file for whatever reason, and you can't get the Game Id to enter in the DS interface, you can use the AR Code Manager program to enter all of the codes without a problem. (There is a space after 'YIKE'.)

sccheats.co.uk says that scdev.org obtained these codes from codejunkies.com, but they do not exist there at present. There is no other source where I can find exactly who came up with these codes. As for myself, I grabbed the codes, figured out the problem with the Game Id in The_Real_Dealer's FAQ was that the E's weren't capitalized, and built this xml file to ease the headaches anyone else was going through trying to get these working. Source: http://sccheats.co.uk/txt/2364.txt and the Game Id is YIKE 005EE641.

Codes Included
Misc Codes
> Max Money (Push Select)
> No Random Battles (Push B)
> Unlock all the Stratums (Push Select)
> Unlock Extra Classes (Push Select)
> Monster Dictionary Complete (Push Select)
> Item Dictionary Complete (Push Select)

All Item Codes (Push Select)
> All Weapons
> All Armor
> All Accessories
> All Materials
> All Materials in Shop

All Character Codes (Push Select)
> Restore HP
> Restore TP
> Max HP
> Max TP
> Max EXP
> Max Skill Points
> Max Level
> Restore HP/TP/HP/TP/EXP/Skill Points/Level

In Battle (All Characters)
> Infinite HP
> Infinite TP
> Infinite FP
> Max STR
> Max TEC
> Max VIT
> Max AGI
> Max LUC

After Battle Codes
> Auto recover HP
> Auto recover TP

EXP Multiplier Codes
> x2
> x4
> x8
> x16
> x32
> x64
> x128
> x256
> x512
> x1024

Skill Points Multiplier Codes
(gained after battle)
> x2
> x4
> x8
> x16
> x32
> x64
> x128